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Public Works Loan Board

New announcements

Find out what's new in the PWLB section of the website - last updated 10 April 2017

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10 April 2017Year End Data for 31 March 2017 is now available.
1 February 2017An updated version of the PDFLocal Authority Authorisations form (350KB) is now available.
15 December 2016HM Treasury has published a consultation paper - Introducing the Local Infrastructure Rate [closed on 28 January 2017]
15 November 2016An updated list of PDFPublic Works Loan Commissioners (107 KB) is now available.
14 November 2016HM Treasury has published a response to the recent consultation paper - Transfer of functions from the Public Works Loan Board: new governance arrangements
1 November 2016HMT has issued a PDFlist of English, Scottish and Welsh local authorities which qualify for the certainty rate discount on PWLB loans from 1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017.
14 July 2016The PDFPWLB Report and Accounts 2015-16 are now available.
12 May 2016HM Treasury has published a consultation paper - Transfer of functions from the Public Works Loan Board: consultation on new governance arrangements [closed on 3 August 2016]
6 April 2016Year End Data for 31 March 2016 is now available.
1 March 2016PDFCircular 158 (520KB) detailing the Board’s lending arrangements supersedes Circular 157 issued on 22 September 2014.
17 February 2016The Board has moved its banking services from Citibank to RBS with effect from 1 March 2016. Authorities making loan repayments by Direct Debit are unaffected by this change, otherwise the bank details for authorities paying by other methods are as follows:
Sort Code60–70–80
Account No.10013288
A notification has also been added to the repayment notices. If you have any queries please call 020 7862 6610 or send an email to pwlb@dmo.gsi.gov.uk.
17 November 2015The latest version of the PDFTechnical Note (53KB) is available as well as guidance for the early repayments of PWLB loans on the new Technical Help page.

Past PWLB Circulars can be viewed on the Previous Circulars page.

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